Weirdo on the loose

I was sittin’ with my girl friends yesterday in a local bar, having coffee, chatin’, when some woman started making a real mess. She was screaming and shouting, and making everyone feel uncomfortable. She started bitchin’ about a cat sleeping in one of the chairs. I mean, that is a pet friendly bar, it has a pretty obvious sign on it’s door. And the interior is all petfriendly. Lots of little chairs for cats, cushions on the floor, for dogs and cats. Bowls filled with water… She couldn’t have not noticed it. So, after her drama, the waiter told her to pack her stuff, and leave, and that she doesn’t even have to pay for the bill, because pets would be happy to pay for her coffee. We were all watching that, and gave him a standing ovation when he told her that. People take to much liberties… Me and my friends are regulars there. We never saw someone act like that. I love that place, and i love that guy, and I am so fuc*ing proud to be a part of that story. I just had to share that.




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