Garden of Eden

As I said, I love spring. Why? Because everything wakes up at spring. Life flourishes in spring. Grass is greener in spring. Birds sing most beautiful in spring, and of course, it brings us closer to summer. And at summer, it’s PARTY TIME.  But for now, let’s stick with the spring…

I live in a house with a garden. It’s not a big garden, but it still is a garden. I think I could never live in an apartment. Well, I could of course, if I had to, but it would never be as good as living in the house. I have my own backyard, my own little garden where I plant my own tomato, and salad. And my own spices, basil, thyme, parsley….My own strawberries, when I think of them, it makes my mouth water… I can’t wait for them, they are flourishing now, and in a month, I should be able to eat some of the sweetest wonders of nature.

Garden, and house it self takes a lot of my time, but the joy they bring, the peace they bring… it is incomparably better than any shrink.

My house is old. Very old. More than a hundred years old. But it’s a solid brick – 50cm thick – wall house, German architecture, high ceilings… It’s rarity in present days, but it’s still better quality then newer houses. Sure, it needs some fixing, window and doors painting, roof checking, but it’s nothing I can’t handle…

So, back to my garden… I lost almost all of my  pictures, when my computer went dead, but I managed to find couple from last year. This one is from august, I believe, when I had tomatoes, paprika and broccoli, all at the same time. It was wonderful. I had fresh salad every day without having to go to market. I hope this year I will have some zucchini also. And maybe some flowers, just to say so…

last year


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