My mother always told me that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I stick to it. There is a saying about breakfast, it goes something like this: Eat your breakfast by yourself, split lunch with your friends, and give dinner to your enemies… I don’t know the equivalent English saying, but, you get the point.

So, as a good daughter I am, I listen to my mother. Excerpt, when I don’t… But I listen to her when it comes to breakfast. And I love home cooked meal, made out of homemade ingredients. Especially when I wake up after working a night shift.

So, bon appetite to all of you waking up just now. It’s time for breakfast


Countryside breakfast, a true, homemade heaven


P.S. This is very good for hangovers too. You just have to eat really slowly, and in small bites, and it saves your life. Forget about coffee, lemonade, water… Just this, and all the pain will go away.


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