It’s never enough


Well, let me tell you something… It is enough!

It’s been a rainy day, so I stayed in whole day. I didn’t wanna waste my time, and I wondered what to do,  so I decided to pack my winter clothes, and to unpack my summer clothes. I realized that I have too much stuff. And I mean, really way too much clothes, so I told myself to pack every single thing that I didn’t wear this winter. Turned out, I haven’t been wearing half of my clothes… I got some really old pants, and shirts, that I love very very much, and I wear them all the time. So, with sadness in my heart, but strength in my  hands, I pack those things in a separate box, aded some things, I haven’t been wearing EVER, and I left them in front of my house, with a note on it. “Girls winter clothes. Not new, but still wearable. If someone needs it, feel free to take it”. Half an hour later, the box was gone. It is really sad, how much poor people are there, and how much we act like they don’t exist. It really breaks my heart, every time I see someone like that… I hope these clothes will help someone, and maybe, even, make them happy. Even just for a little while.

I think I’m gonna do that every couple of months. Just like that, pack things I don’t use, and give it away. Someone would maybe like to have them, but they can’t afford it, and I buy tons of stuff. Clothes, make up, shoes, home decor… It’s nothing expensive, but I can’t help my self when I see SALE sign. And I think it would be good for me too, to get rid of all those things. It became a kind of obsession, and I needed an Intervention.




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