One day of summer

Summer came to my town yesterday. At least for a day, cause rain is here once again. At least i caught some sun yesterday. I miss sun, and a hot weather, a sweat on my backs, and a bare feet.

I woke up pretty late, cause I’ve been working night shifts. But, as soon as I finished my breakfast, I hopped on my bike, and rode off to my precious Danube. There’s no beach right now, because the water’s too high, but it is still beautiful place. It’s not isolated, but it’s calm and peaceful. It is partly wild, but it is also a tame place. People go there to enjoy the silence. Thou it’s not total silence, you can hear people talking in their boats, you can even hear music from a nearby beach, but all those sounds are not nearly aggressive as in the city, or at the city’s beach. There are even a couple of restaurants, but they don’t have loud music, and, somehow, waiters are much more quiet, then those in city center. It seams like, in some way, everybody who comes there, tries to save that silence. And it’s working. It is a good place to relax. To calm down if you’re nervous. To cry if you’re sad. To read a book, and drink tea. Or to have a picnic with someone special. I go there for all those reasons. And many more.



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