This is a sad, but urgent post

I hate zoo’s. I hate the fact that animals are kept imprisoned, and especially, I hate when they are kept in such conditions as in Belgrade Zoo.

I saw this Zoo once. It’s not pretty. It’s horrible. I tough that, that kind of place couldn’t exist in 21st century. I was wrong. It is a horrible place, like circus, animals live in small cages, small pools, and they are right in the middle of the city. With all that extreme noise, and pollution. Buses, and trolleys, passing so close to the wall, that you can smell the stink when you’re in them. Imagine how do all those animals feel. Sad, and depressed, so far away from their own natural habitat. Away from freedom. What kind of life is that? Living in your own dirt, and stink… That’s not the way to treat anyone, especially not an innocent animal.

So, guys, sign the petition, let’s try to stop that torture. Let’s try to give those animals some hope.

You can sign it on this link. And please, share it, so other people can see, and participate. I can only hope, this will have some impact on those who are responsible for this.

Thanks everyone!!!


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