Little things

I was late for work this morning… But luckily, (and expanding my “late time” a couple of minutes more) these babies saved my day.


And coffee of course. A lots of coffee. And all kinds of coffee. Everything I could get my hands on.

It’s the little things that are important. So they say. I say, it’s the donuts, and coffee that are important. I mean, who could say No, to them? Or, stay mad, when your offer is so sweet, cute, savory and luscious. No one.

And of course, you have to apologize.


All those “screams”

I scream, you scream, he, she, it screams… All of my friends scream for ice cream in these hot days. I love all flavors, from nude vanilla, to all fruit flavors, and all the way up to exotic mixtures of all kinds of nuts, pistachios, almonds and who knows what, with or without fruit, alcohol, chocolate… literally anything. Only thing that is crucial for ice cream, is that is made the right way, and by right way, I mean the REAL way, with eggs, and milk, and true accessories, and not just some “naturally identical flavors”. When I’m off to have anĀ ice cream, I want the real thing.

ice cream