Cat or a bunny

I have a party to go this weekend, and it’s a costume party. It’a a celebration of finished job, at my work, but it’s gonna be a real regular dancing, drinking party. With all it’s side effects, I know. Last time we had such party, I had a huge 18th century dress, and a wig, and I hated my self for that. Yes, it was the best costume, but I couldn’t move as I wanted all night. I had to carry that dress all the time, unless I wanted to trip and fall. So, this time, I turned to minimalism. I am going to get my self a sexy black or white mini dress, put on some make up, and buy an ears. Cats, or a bunnies ears, it doesn’t matter. And that’s it. No more wigs, no more dozens of layers of skirt, and no more siting at the bar yammerin’ about my self. I wanna dance, I wanna have fun, I wanna talk to people, and I wanna party all  night.