It’s ok to cry

I am sittin’ in my office, crying my heart out, and everyone on the floor can hear me. My make up is completely ruined, my nose is red, and my eyes are swollen.  But I really don’t care. Some colleagues came to see, what’s this about, and they understood me totally. Even thou it’s kind of a happy ending story, it still is so sad, and it’s still unbelievable how could anyone do such things.

It’s a story about 6 Rhinos that had a contact with human, that wasn’t good. And now, some other people are trying to fix that. And of course, there is National Geographic, to show that to the whole world.

You can see the video on this link Meet six rescued Rhinos that survived poaching, and share it, show it to as many people as you can, that is the only way to stop people being arrogant and selfish. Killing or hurting anyone is wrong. It’s bad, bad, BAD thing, especially if they he can’t protect themselves.


Look at them, they are gorgeous, and they love each other so much. No human has any rights to destroy that.