I do not carry umbrella. It’s not that I don’t like them, I find them not only a literal must have when it’s raining, but a very stylish accessory. I had some really great umbrellas over the time, but I lost all of them. Big, small, transparent, colorful, with prints, with ears, eyes, even one with the hands on it… It was really cute and I was really sad when I realized I left it at the bus. By the time I caught that same bus, it was long way gone. I just hope it makes someone else as happy as it made me.

I bought hundreds of them… I just lost each one of them. Sometimes I would find one at my friends, and I would be sooooo happy, but my happiness had a short breath, ’cause I would lose it pretty soon again.

So that’s why I don’t carry umbrella. And if you ever see someone at the pouring rain without an umbrella, he\she probably lost it that day. Left it at a supermarket, at a bus, train, even a cab. The moment we separate, the moment i take my hand off of it, it is lost for me.


Luckily, I do love those rubber boots, and a rain coats, and caps, so usually I’m not totally soaked.