When you’re like…. Arghhhh

I had a really rufffff night at work. I think I’m gonna sleep all day long




Little things

I was late for work this morning… But luckily, (and expanding my “late time” a couple of minutes more) these babies saved my day.


And coffee of course. A lots of coffee. And all kinds of coffee. Everything I could get my hands on.

It’s the little things that are important. So they say. I say, it’s the donuts, and coffee that are important. I mean, who could say No, to them? Or, stay mad, when your offer is so sweet, cute, savory and luscious. No one.

And of course, you have to apologize.


It’s been a stressful week so far at my work, but we did a great job (the director said so, not me), and we can relax for now. ¬†We had a major project, and we had some problems with it, but we made it, and we are all so proud of our selves. I’m not a tense person, and I function good when I am under a pressure, so I was in my mood, but still… It was a big project, and almost all things that could go bad, went bad. We have a guy who is really nervous, and sometimes even hysterical, but he’s really smart, and he does his job really good. When he’s not under pressure. I work in a friendly environment, all my colleagues are my friends, even the boss. He’s a straight guy. I mean, he’s my boss, but he’s not some jerk, sittin’ in his chair, not doing anything. He works with us, he does his part of a job, and helps us if we need his help. I respect him. I really do. He deserves it. So, we had this project to finish, deadline was near, and a problem poped up. And the neurotic guy started his thing… He was running through the company, literally screaming because he could’t finish his part of job. And he could’n finish it, because some other part wasn’t ready jet. I told my boss, we are never gonna finish this, whit him screaming and running like a loony, and we have to do something with this guy. So he went to his office, sit and think for a bit, and decided what to do. He sent this guy to the other part of a town, “to get us some part that we needed urgently, and we didn’t have it nowhere near. And to get us lunch…” He gave him the money, we gave him a lunch list, and he went. He was nagging a little, but he “had to listen to boss” That bought us a couple of hours to finish the job, and it gave him something to do, to feel useful. He was so happy when he came back, so proud that he found that thing that we needed so much, and really satisfied that he could finally finish his job. He was sooo proud when he did it. He realized, by the time he finished, that he was distracting us with his acting, and he was pleased that we managed him so well.

So, now I’m home and it’s time to relax… I got my drink, had my lunch, and I told you this short story. It maybe gives you an idea how to manage someone in your surroundings, without making unpleasant scene.

Bye, bye for now, I’m of to my zen garden